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Who We Are

When this group was formed in Phoenix, AZ in 2008, it was originally for children in a shelter with their mother (the victim of the abuse) to be able to give the Mother a purse with contents of a purse in it for the Mother’s birthday or Mother’s Day, or a similar holiday.

Since the group’s dissolution, the need of such a group is still apparent, and due to Dawn’s work in the legal field, and her relocation to Florida, she asked the Phoenix founder, Devy Walker, if we could use this name and continue its work in Florida.  She agreed. 

This group will receive donations of gently used or new purses and things that a normal purse would contain.  These would be given to women who are just barely starting their new life without violence in their life.  The child(ren) they have with them would receive a stuffed animal. 


Our president, Dawn Fountain, helped formed the first Purses & Love in Phoenix, AZ and has been working in the legal field for over 20 years.  She has been the victim of domestic violence herself, and knows first hand the mindset of the victims and being a mother, knows what the children must be feeling as well. 


All the board members of this organization are passionate about assisting the victims as well.



(We have found out that prior to Purses & Love's existence in Florida, the shelter did not receive back to school supplies for 3-5 years.  We are currently the only ones giving back to school supplies to this shelter.  We are also the ONLY charity that gives a purse with contents and Christmas Stockings in Pinellas County!)




Purses & Love - a Pinellas County Domestic Violence Victims Support Organization.


Dawn Fountain